Monday, September 27, 2010

Some online shopping

I've been feeling a little less than happy lately so what better way to cheer yourself up than some online shopping???  I wasn't too bad, I know I need things for fall and winter after moving from Cali to the east I have nothing.  I stuck to sweaters and cardigans, although I do need boots I think I'm going to wait so I have more options.  Here are the things I ordered today from A'Gaci ( and LoveCulture (  I have never ordered from either site before so when I get them I will do a review for you guys.
(All photos are taken from their sites)
From A'Gaci;

I actually got this in black, the gray was sold out in my size.

I loved the purple on the model so I got the same.  I'm loving the ruched sleeves that are in this season!

Got this in gray.  I love that it can be worn with jeans but would also look appropriate with slacks.

From LoveCulture;**Sorry these images are so small, they only blurred when enlarged.

This is just a plain black cardigan but I figured you can't have too many cardigans nor too much black when it comes to fall and winter.

This is called a "preppy v-neck sweater" I thought that sounded cute and is exactly what I've been looking for!  I love these simple sweaters.

Hopefully you guys like my picks, nothing too amazing but things that I truly needed... Now I just hope quality is good and size fits perfectly. 


  1. i agree, a black cardigan is essential. i'm currently on the hunt for the perfect one. i really like the ruching on that purple top also!

  2. Great finds! And thanks for the links!

  3. Ahh I just did some online shopping at bath & body works & urban outfitters.
    Gotta love it especially when some items are just online && not in store.
    Great itiems.
    Thnx for following Im following you too

  4. @Twinn: I meant to take advantage of bath & body works' $1 shipping but I completely forgot about it )-:

    @SashaFox: You're welcome! I'll let you know how the quality is when everything comes in.

    @TheHiggenbottom: I love black for winter with a pop of color somewhere so I can never have too much black. I've yet to find the perfect black cardigan either so I'll just collect as my search continues (-: