Thursday, September 30, 2010

Turned Up Turquoise

 Currently Sally's beauty supply is having a sale on Orly nail polish 2/$5 and save $1 on two China Glaze polishes.  I wanted to take advantage of both but only took advantage of one sale.  I tend to fall in love with every nail polish color I ever see so I narrowed it down.  Right now I am wearing "Turned up Turquoise".  I also purchased "Shower Together" which I was wearing yesterday but forgot to take pictures before I took it off.  Here's the turquoise color:

^Natural light with no flash, no top coat

^With clear top coat

I really like this brand and color.  I have a few China Glaze nail polishes because I used to work at Sally's so I took advantage of my discount BIG TIME! lol  All it takes is 2 coats to get the color in the bottle.  This shade is a little different than the regular China Glaze colors.  Normally they have a nice shiny finish but this one is matte...still very pretty but with how often I was my hand I need a top coat.  Which BTW, Out the Door is my favorite.  It dries very quickly and doesn't chip off like I've noticed with some other quick dry top coats, but what works for one may not work for all.

Also, I just want to say hello to my new followers!! ::waves::

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