Sunday, October 3, 2010

I did more online damage today...shame on me.  Here's what I got...

[*all photos taken from the abercrombie website]

These were all found on the kids site in the sale section!  Nothing was more than $15 isn't that awesome??  The last item I actually got in a Coral color but when I went back to get the image it was sold out.  I thought it was a really cute layer piece under a plain cardigan since I own about 30 cami's and they're all a plain color with no lace or anything,  I'm such a plain Jane.  I really hope everything fits, I ordered a large in everything but the zip-up sweater I have on right now is a Medium in kids.... the shirts tend to run smaller so lets hope I made the right choice!

I've been such a homebody lately which results in online shopping that I really can't afford.  I hate this rainy crap weather.  I miss Cali right now.  The weather is almost always nice enough to go for a walk in.  New England weather = 9/12 months cold, rainy, snowy.  Cali weather = 9/12 months sunny, nice, comfortable....everything happens for a reason though and there's a really really good reason why I'm over here now and no longer there........... one day I'll know that reason.

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