Friday, October 8, 2010

Breast Cancer Foundation

Do you like yogurt?  How about purchasing Dannon this month instead of your typical.  I'm not sure about where you live but where I live there is no difference in price from the Dannon brand to the Store brand.  The only difference this month is when you purchase Dannon theres a code under the lid, when it's entered into their website ( they donate .10 to the Breast Cancer Foundation.  It doesn't have to be the "fruit on the bottom" kind, Dannon has about 5-6 different kinds to choose from and they all have this under the lid.
Maybe you don't like yogurt....try telling family members who do to purchase this brand instead (or any other brand that is doing this as well, its right on the front of the yogurt package!) and give you all the tops to enter into the website.  Personally, I do not eat yogurt but my daughter loves it.  It makes me feel good to be able to contribute in such a small way.  I've (or should I say, my daughter) has already "donated" about $2 already.  It really adds up, and I believe they will be doing this until January, I think I read that somewhere.

NO, I am not being compensated for this post nor am I affiliated with Dannon or ANYBODY for that matter.  I just think it's a really simple way to help out, especially if you already are a yogurt eater.


  1. very cool. thanks for the heads up. i'm a big yogurt eater and i'll totally get dannon for this reason

  2. I love yogurt && I love anything that has to do with donations im all for it.
    I have a giveaway on my blog you should enter it its my first =)

  3. You're welcome!!

    & Thank you for letting me know, Twinn, I will be sure to check it out!