Thursday, October 14, 2010

Purple Sweater from A'GACI Review

Now, before I continue I want to say I purchased everything on my own.
A'Gaci has no idea who I am.
Let me start off with a few pictures:
This is the image from the website.
Length on me.


Love the neckline!

Shoulder detail.

As you can probably notice from the picture of me wearing this shirt, it is very long... More like a sweater dress for me which I wasn't expecting.  I'm not quite sure why I thought it wouldn't be so long on myself, I highly doubt the model is 4'11, lol.  The quality is good for the price.  I surely won't be wearing this in the dead of winter without a sweater, scarf and jeans.  Although it isn't very thick, that was evident in the stock photo.  By the sheerness of the bust area and being able to see the models bra through it, one should not assume when purchasing that it will be a heavy material.  That makes me really like this company thus far.  They could have easily altered that to appear more opaque, which would probably attract more buyers, however they did not.  I have washed this sweater dress (haha) once and the color is still great and no loose threads.  I did put it in a lingerie bag to be on the safe side though. 



  1. Yay! We're the same height!! I followed you!

  2. I love finding shorties like me! ::waves:: Haha, I'm glad you're following and I hope to figure out my photo issue so I can continue to blog again!

  3. You wear it better than the model, it looks gorgeous on you. Like the shoulder details, the neckline is perfect - wish I had it ;)